Crisis Response and Intervention and Suicide Prevention Practice Group

Facilitators: Claudia Price, LICSW, Kimberly Harrington, LICSW and Alexandra Vann, MA

Definition: Crisis response and intervention is a proactive approach to preparing the entire school community to cope with the possible impact of a destabilizing occurrence - and promote the school system’s goal of a safe and orderly learning environment - by reducing the impact of trauma, grief, and loss that interferes with normal school functioning and the learning process.

Purpose: Establish response protocols and procedures as part of an overall plan to address school crises and tailor resources and interventions to each school community (e.g., prevent, reduce, address crises).

Activities: Proposed activities may include collecting existing school crisis plans, developing plans around crisis scenarios, understanding short term and direct effects of crisis situations, creating and sharing restoration strategies to return the learning and teaching environment to normal.

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