Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools

Facilitators: Danielle Palmer, Ph.D., and Monique Leopold, MEd., EdS

Definition: Trauma-informed practices in schools are part of a school-wide approach in which all members of the school community recognize and respond to the impact of traumatic stress on everyone in the school by integrating and sustaining trauma awareness, knowledge, and skills into the school’s culture, practices, and policies.

Purpose: Learn about the evidence-based practices and interventions around trauma in schools, exploring and addressing challenges around these practices; Deepen our understanding of trauma and its impact on student learning and school climate.

Activities: Engage in new learning on how to support school leaders, teachers, clinicians, and staff to acknowledge and recognize the impact of stress and trauma on student learning and well-being, provide consultation around implementing trauma-informed practices in schools, and develop a toolbox of resources.

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