Meeting Archives: 2020-2021 School Year

This was the second year of the DC CoP. This was the first full year dealing with virtual learning and COVID-19. As a community, we supported each other as experienced grief, loss, and trauma with our school community. These meeting continued the focus on current issues in providing school behavioral health in our work. During this year, we began using padlets to host all resources from the meeting. Padlets are a virtual message board with a wealth of information and resources shared by and with the community.

Recordings and Resources


Celebrating Our Learnings: A Review of School Strengthening Work Plans – May 19, 2021

This meeting shared lessons learned and implementation strategies from School Strengthening Work Plans, and celebrated our Community learnings.

Preventing Youth Suicide: Best Practices Using a Multi-tiered Intervention Model – April 21, 2021

This meeting explored the evidence-based practices, frameworks, and strategies that can be applied by school teams to reduce suicide risk among students.

Checking Your Blind Spots: Ethics and Multiculturalism – March 31, 2021

This meeting explored the complex relationship between culture, values, and ethics in school-based behavioral health care.

Promoting Student Access to School Behavioral Health – February 17, 2021

This meeting focused on student access to School Behavioral Health supports by building strong crisis response teams.

Promoting a Positive School Climate – January 13, 2021

This meeting explored how Tier 1 practices, such a social emotional learning & positive school climate, can support students during COVID-19.

The Power of Community – December 9, 2020

This meeting focused on learning about COVID-19’s impact on student well-being in DC and strengths-based approaches to resilience.