Pilot Programs

The DC CoP keeps members focused on the ‘big picture’ of advancing school behavioral health by sharing strategies that members can use with their school teams to engage partners and collaborate to meet shared goals. Pilot programs allow for DC CoP school-based teams to implement DC CoP engagement strategies and recommended evidence-based practices into their school, and model for their peers. If you have a potential program currently being implemented, or a topic you would like to explore, we welcome the opportunity to support your team and provide feedback and results with the DC CoP so other teams can learn from your success! 

Parenting T0k

Parenting T0k is a safe space for parents to talk about challenges, seek advice, and offer each other emotional support. Parenting T0k conversations aim to foster understanding, reduce stigma, and provide resources for supporting various aspects of children's mental well-being. Come to learn new skills through engaging activities and interactions with fellow parents. This group meets on the second Thursday of each month from 6-7:30pm ET.

Upcoming Parenting T0k Meetings

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