Teacher Wellness

Facilitators:  Johanna Ulseth, MA and Alexandra Vann, MA

Definition: The TW Working Group adopted the OSSE’s Whole School Approach to Educators Wellness, which defines educator wellness as the impact of a school’s organizational and individual systems. Educator wellness is influenced by the comprehensive approaches used by a school’s organizational and individual system to promote educator social, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Stressors that can impact educator wellness include school environment and structure, job demands, work resources, and social, emotional, and learning competencies.

Purpose: To share best practices and resources around educator wellness. Members discuss their challenges and successes in an open and supportive environment, while connecting with others to build authentic relationships.

Activities: Develop a database of best practices and resources around teacher wellness that is accessible to all members of the DC CoP, and that can be used to introduce and advance wellness programs in schools. A variety of topics are discussed, such as how to use strategies to promote wellness during distance learning, mitigating teacher demoralization and burnout, designing virtual wellness rooms, utilizing personal coping skills, building a teacher wellness team, and securing administrative support.

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