Our objective is to promote and advance a comprehensive system for behavioral health services in schools. We stand as a strategic alliance, connecting school personnel, community mental health providers, students, and families to create a positive school culture. We prioritize timely access to high-quality, reliable support for children, youth, and their families. Within this system, school-based teams offer a variety of evidence-based tiered interventions that are trauma-informed, culturally responsive, promote wellness, identify challenges early, and provide treatment services, ensuring all children and youth succeed and thrive. Our ultimate objective is to bolster the abilities of clinicians, school-based staff, students, and families. 

Our dedication to creating a positive impact drives our carefully planned and structured approach to achieving meaningful change. With the DC CoP, we ensure that:

  • School-based staff, parents, and student self-advocates have the skills, abilities, & beliefs necessary to design & implement evidence-based practices at Tiers 1, 2, & 3.
  • Schools have access to high-quality school behavioral health interventions and can effectively integrate them within a multi-tiered, coordinated system, resulting in improved MH & school connectedness for students. 

Logic Model

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