Meeting Archives

Every month of the school year, the DC CoP hosts a meeting where a new skill or new knowledge desired by the community members is shared. During these meetings, there is time for problem-solving with peers, trying out new skills, and sharing of resources and ideas that have worked in DC-based public and public charter schools. Meetings cover different topics selected by the community and have free social work, psychology, and LPC CEUs available. Each meeting also has a Padlet, which is a virtual message board with a wealth of information and resources shared by and with the community.

Recordings and Resources


Celebrating Our Learnings - May 20, 2024

This meeting focused on celebrating our various learnings from the school year.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth - April 24, 2024

This meeting explored the role of mental health providers and school staff in promoting the safety and well-being of LGBTQ+ youth.

Supporting Students with Disabilities - March 27, 2024

This meeting explored best practices and resources in creating support systems for students with disabilities.

Supporting Students Who Experienced Domestic and Dating Violence - February 21, 2024

This meeting explored how to support students who have experienced domestic and dating violence.

Child Exploitation 101 - January 24, 2024

This meeting explored the risk and warning signs of child sex exploitation and explore the role of schools in providing a safe and supportive environment to the victims of sexual exploitation.

The ABCs of Wellness - December 13, 2023

This meeting explored building a culture of appreciation and belonging through creative well-being approaches.

Promoting Youth & Family Engagement in School Behavioral Health Through Peer-to-Peer Models/Interventions – November 15, 2023

This meeting explored how to increase family and youth voice in school behavioral health through peer-to-peer models.

Impact of Community Violence on Youth, Families, and Schools – October 25, 2023

This meeting explored the impact of community violence on youth, families, and schools.

Using Conversational Circles to Build Community and Connections – September 27, 2023

This meeting explored Conversational Circles, a proactive strategy to build strong connections among students and staff and fostering safe, supportive, and positive school culture.

Celebrating Our Learnings & Co-Creating Next Year's CoP Learning Agenda – May 24, 2023

The following is a DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice meeting on May 24, 2023 that celebrated our Community of Practice learnings.