Meeting Archives: 2022-2023 School Year

This was the fourth year of the DC CoP. We now have an established meeting schedule, where we host a monthly meeting to share a new skill or new knowledge desired by the community members is shared. During these meetings, there is time for problem-solving with peers, trying out new skills, and sharing of resources and ideas that have worked in our local schools. We have begun offering free social work and LPC CEUs, and continue to use padlets to host all resources shared by the community.

Recordings and Resources


Celebrating Our Learnings & Co-Creating Next Year's CoP Learning Agenda – May 24, 2023

The following is a DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice meeting on May 24, 2023 that celebrated our Community of Practice learnings.

Increasing Family and Youth Voice in School Behavioral Health – April 26, 2023

This meeting explored how to increase family and youth voice in school behavioral health.

Substance Use Prevention and Intervention in Schools – March 22, 2023

This meeting explored the best practices in substance use prevention and intervention. Our partners from DBH, OSSE and Children’s National Hospital will join us to talk about the school-based...

Understanding Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI) in Schools – February 15, 2023

This meeting explored the non-suicidal self-injury behaviors in the school context.

Tier 1 Supports Throughout the School Day – January 18, 2023

This meeting explored ways on how Tier 1 practices and supports can be embedded throughout the school day to promote positive mental health in students.

Building Culture of Wellness in Schools – December 14, 2022

This meeting explored the whole school approaches to educator wellness and to share early learnings from the Educator Wellness grantees in DC schools.