Meeting Archives: 2019-2020 School Year

This was the first year of the DC CoP. We defined what we wanted this space to be, and how to improve school behavioral health in DC. In March of 2020, we quickly adapted to the realities of COVID-19. We moved all meetings online, and pivoted to resources that the community needed, including tele-therapy, promoting wellness, and understanding grief. 

Recordings and Resources


Celebrating Our Learnings and Practice Group Meetings – May 27, 2020

The Practice Groups met to problem-solve, practice applying new ideas & strategies & exchange insights on what we’ve learned about how to meet our shared goals.

COVID-19 as a Grief Experience for Ourselves and Our Students – May 20, 2020

This DC CoP Virtual Meeting was focused on grief and loss from COVID-19 experienced by students, families, school personnel.

The Ecology of Wellness - May 13, 2020

DC CoP virtual meeting explored ideas to sustain wellness by focusing on the individual, school, organization, and community-level interventions.

A High Functioning Wellness Team - April 29, 2020

This DC CoP virtual meeting focused on creating a High Functioning Wellness Team.

Social Emotional Learning: Beyond the School Walls - April 22, 2020

The leaders of the “Positive School Climate and Social and Emotional Learning” Practice Group led this discussion about the strategies that promote positive school climate.

Tele-play Therapy – April 15, 2020

This chat focused on learning and sharing tele-play therapy.